Whitelines Notebooks

by Flax on June 1, 2012

WhitelinesThink about it. We have been using paper with dark lines for ages. You probably used it in school as a child, perhaps tried to put a small minus sign just above the line to make it visible. At work you may have made notes from a meeting and not been entirely sure what a syllable or word meant because it clashed with the dark line crossing over it. You know, the pen makes dark lines and with dark lines on the paper we always have to put in extra effort to separate them. Without us really realizing it, these clashes reduce our concentration, distracting us. These dark supporting lines have been around for a very long time, actually since medieval times when iron gall ink was used for its lasting dark colour.

And so it happened that the story of the line took a completely different direction when the simple but ingenious idea of having writing paper with white ‘non-conflict’ lines occurred to Swedish designer Olof Hansson. Why would you not choose to use paper without distracting lines, if you could? It’s nicer to write on and easier to read from. The lines don’t show up on photocopies, there’s less glare in strong light, and people with dyslexia are helped with it, and more…

It’s your call of course, but we think it’s pretty much a no-brainer.

WhitelinesWhitelines® was founded in January 2006 by three friends in Stockholm with one ambition: to make a contribution to a better world, no matter how small. The means to this end was a simple but very effective idea – a new kind of writing paper which, through its remarkable clarity, could support everyone’s writing, drawing and thinking. Why not take one of the mainstays of everyday life and improve it? Whitelines® is today based in Stockholm, Sweden, working to support your ideas for the future.

Whitelines® is the new generation of writing paper that makes your writing and sketches stand out.

Flax thanks Whitelines® for letting us share their story has they wrote it above. We stock the Whitelines notebooks in a variety of sizes with white or black covers, wirebound soft cover and hardbound books. The grey-toned paper has a white graph pattern, and check out the isometric and perspective notebooks. Photograph, fax, copy or scan your work and magic, no lines!