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Guaranteed to delight and inspire, our San Francisco store at the Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture has all the basics plus a lot more to fulfill your creative desires and stimulate your imagination.


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Plein Air at the FLAX Fort Mason Store!

Plein Air classes are over for the season. Stay tuned for this workshop series to start up again in Spring of 2018!

FLAX art & design is partnering with Beyond Canvas to present our popular Plein Air Workshop series! These workshops are the perfect excuse to get out of the office and drink in some of the world class views the Bay Area has to offer. Individuals and groups of up to 20 people can be accommodated.

Click here for more details!

If you would like to venture out on your own, FLAX rents easels for Plein Air painting year-round. Call our Fort Mason store location at (415) 530-3510 for more details.


Our San Francisco store is located at the Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture, a destination in itself within the Golden Gate National Recreation Center.

Address: Fort Mason Center, 2 Marina Blvd, Bldg D

Hours: Monday - Saturday, 10:00am - 6:30pm; Sunday, 10:00am - 6:00pm

Phone: 415-530-3510

Fort Mason Center has long been an arts and culture destination, and we are thrilled to join the community. Our neighbors in Building D include The Mexican Museum, Blue Bear School of Music and Magic Theater. Next door are the Museo Italo Americano and Readers Bookstore. There's also The Interval, Greens Restaurant, Friday evening's Off the Grid, Sunday morning's Farmer's Market and so much more!

History - Fort Mason was originally the San Francisco Port of Embarkation. By the early 20th century, Fort Mason was transformed from a coastal artillery post into a logistical and transport hub for the U.S. Army. The army constructed massive piers and storehouses at the waterfront connected by a system of railway spurs to support the needs of new U.S. military outposts on the Philippines, Hawaii, and various Pacific Islands. From the 1920s through World War II, the San Francisco Port of Embarkation played a critical role in the movement of supplies and troops to the Pacific. During World War II, 1,600,000 American soldiers and 23.5 million tons of supplies left these piers for the war in the Pacific.

In 1972, the San Francisco Port of Embarkation was listed as a National Historic Landmark. The National Park Service took over the administration of the site in the 1970s as a part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. In 1976 lower Fort Mason became the Fort Mason Center, a non-profit commited to supporting San Francisco’s artistic community.

Today - Flax is located in Building D, one of the four warehouse buildings completed in 1915. Before opening our store in November 2015, we removed sheetrock and flooring and decades of clutter to expose the original surfaces, windows and doors. Our store space remodel was the first in FMC to retain the building's character and embrace its status as a historical landmark. Look above our glass storefront and you'll see the hinged canopy-style warehouse door in its full open position. It and the other warehouse doors remain fully operational. To learn more about Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture, click here, and view the video below that presents the vision and purpose of the Center, a jewel within the Golden Gate National Park system. We encourage you to subscribe to their events newsletter (click here).

About Fort Mason Center