Pearl Ex Pigments Set, Series 1

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Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments can be mixed into any viscous medium for a metallic/pearlescent effect. Pearl Ex is a non-toxic, inert pigment that displays extreme color fastness and stability, making it ideal for interior, fashion, fine arts, and other archival applications. It creates a metallic look without being a metal, meaning it won't tarnish or fade. The pigment can be mixed with a variety of substances including gum arabic (great for calligraphy!), varnish, paint mediums, oils, acrylics, encaustic, wax, polymer clays, or just any porous surface.

Set contains twelve .11 ounce jars of powdered pigment. Colors include: Micro Pearl, Macro Pearl, Super Russet, Super Copper, Brilliant Gold, Sparkle Gold, Silver, Super Bronze, Sunset Gold, Interference Violet, Interference Gold and Duo Red-Blue.

Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments combined with Pearl Ex Varnish creates lustrous metallic paints.