Pearl Ex Pigments, 32 Color Set

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Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments can be mixed into any viscous medium for a metallic/pearlescent effect. Pearl Ex is a non-toxic, inert pigment that displays extreme color fastness and stability, making it ideal for interior, fashion, fine arts, and other archival applications. It creates a metallic look without being a metal, meaning it won't tarnish or fade. The pigment can be mixed with a variety of substances including gum arabic (great for calligraphy!), varnish, paint mediums, oils, acrylics, encaustic, wax, polymer clays, or just any porous surface.

Set contains thirty-two, 3oz ounce jars of powdered pigments.

Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments combined with Pearl Ex Varnish creates lustrous metallic paints.