W&N Cotman Watercolor Brushes

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Winsor & Newton Cotman Brushes are a popular and economical line of synthetic brushes that performs like real sable. A precise proportion of fibers is blended to achieve strength and spring, giving each brush its ability to hold lots of color and maintain a sharp edge. The brushes have nickel-plated brass seamless ferrules and seasoned hardwood handles.

As shown left to right in the image and top to bottom below, brushes are available in the follow shapes/series:

Series 111 Round: This popular head shape is great for all-purpose watercolor work. Broad strokes can made yet it’s still capable of fine detail lines and washes.

Series 222 Designers’ Round: Made with the same standards as the 111, these brushes feature an elongated head shape, which gives an extra fine point and greater color holding capacity.

Series 333 Rigger: Originally designed for painting the rigging on ships, the extra fine points on these brushes are great for continuous fine lines.

Series 667 Angled: Useful for creating strokes with curved and sharp edges.

Series 668 Filbert: These brushes are capable of giving broad marks with a soft edge.

Series 777 One Stroke (clear): This brush is excellent for creating washes, edges, or shapes. They feature a transparent handle with a beveled edge at the rear for burnishing and scraping.

Series 888 Fan: This finishing brush is mostly used for portraiture and landscapes. Excellent for blending, softening edges, and creating textures.

Series 999 Mops: A domed wash brush that’s great for wetting paper or controlling large washes.

Wash: These wide, flat brushes are designed for covering large areas and for broad strokes.

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