W&N Cotman Watercolor Brushes

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Winsor & Newton Cotman Brushes was the first complete range of synthetic brushes developed by Winsor & Newton. These pure, synthetic watercolor color brushes are made with the same high quality as the finest sable brushes.

The thicker bristles provide strength and spring, while the thinner fibers improve color carrying capacity. Together they retain a perfect point use after use.

The short handle is also specifically designed to provide balance and comfort.  The nickel-plated brass ferrule helps prevent corrosion, hair clogging, and allows for easy cleaning.

Cotman Brushes are available in the follow Series:

Series 111 Round - Short Handle: This popular head shape is great for all-purpose watercolor work. Broad strokes can made yet it’s still capable of fine detail lines and washes.

Series 222 Designers’ Round - Short Handle: Made with the same standards as the 111, these brushes feature an elongated head shape, which gives an extra fine point and greater color holding capacity.

Series 333 Rigger - Short Handle: Originally designed for painting the rigging on ships, the extra fine points on these brushes are great for continuous fine lines.

Series 667 Angled - Short Handle: These brushes function much like the Series 666 but with an angled brush stroke, useful for creating strokes with curved and sharp edges.

Series 668 Filbert - Short Handle: These brushes are capable of giving broad marks with a soft edge.

Series 777 One Stroke - Short Handle (clear): This brush is excellent for creating washes, edges, or shapes. They feature a transparent handle with bevelled edges, designed to be used for burnishing, scraping, or as a palette knife.

Series 888 Fan - Short Handle: This finishing brush is mostly used for portraiture and landscapes. Excellent for blending, softening edges, and creating textures.

Series 999 Synthetic Mops - Short Handle: A domed wash brush that’s great for wetting paper or controlling large washes.

Wash Brushes: These wide, flat brushes are designed for covering large areas and for broad strokes.

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