PanPastel Tints Set, 5 Colors

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PanPastels mix, layer and apply like paint. They are highly pigmented, ultra soft, lightfast and low dust. PanPastels retain the traditional characteristics of a pastel, yet function like a dry velvety paint with qualities of blendability and erasability. Conveniently packed in cake-like pans, each set includes application sponges. The unique qualities of PanPastel make them ideal for exploring new creative techniques for painting, drawing and mixed media.

5 color set contains: 1 Hansa Yellow Tint 220.8, 1 Permanent Green Tint 640.8, 1 Ultramarine Blue Tint 520.8, 1 Violet Tint 470.8, 1 Permanent Red Tint 340.8, 1 Storage Jar, 1 Soft Sponge Bar, 2 Soft Knife Covers (No.1 & No.2), and 1 Soft Mini Applicator.