How To Draw & Write in Fountain Pen

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In How to Draw and Write in Fountain Pen: A Modern Guide you’ll learn to:

  • Choose the perfect pen (and take good care of it)
  • Simply sketch adorable foods, clothing, plants, and household objects
  • Write stylishly in block and cursive letters—and create narrow, bold, 3-D, serif, and calligraphy effects
  • Embellish journals, labels, scrapbooks, and cards with decorative frames and borders
  • Design layouts that bring all these elements together, and put your personal touch on seven easy crafts!

For author and illustrator Ayano Usamura, her first time drawing in fountain pen was a revelation. The easy flow of ink spurred her creativity and gave character to every line. Even the simplest letters and doodles came to life! In this book, with her trusty LAMY Safari in hand, Usamura shares the joy of fountain pens. 

Includes everything you need to get started: pull-out practice paper, mini tracing booklet, and a back-cover pocket to store the booklet, your drawings, and anything you like.

6.1" x 8.6", 112 pages.