Gamblin Artists' Oils 37ml

Gamblin Artists' Oils 37ml

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Gamblin has been producing renowned oil colors, painting mediums, and printmaking materials since 1980. Their handmade materials have been used to restore historic works and are trusted by thousands of art professionals.

Only the purest pigments and finest refined linseed oil are used to create Gamblin Artists’ oil colors. Rather than copy any other style of paint-making, Robert Gamblin developed his own and formulated rich colors with working properties true to their historic counterparts.

No adulterants are used in the paint-making process. This allows each color to retain their original unique pigment characteristics like tinting strengths, undertones, and textures. Each Gamblin color is completely permanent and will provide the artist with bold, rich and saturated results.

Within this line, there are mineral-based (inorganic) pigments and modern organic pigments that render different results, creating a diverse and versatile range. Use oil mediums like Refined Linseed Oil to thin paints and apply as desired. The colors are completely non-toxic and use alkali-refined linseed oil and safflower oil as binders. These untraditional binders retain strength and flexibility while reducing the chance of yellowing. Made in U.S.A.

Almost 100 colors available in 37ml tubes. Select colors also available in 150ml tubes.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm