We Are Relocating, in 2016

We Are Relocating, in 2016

Posted by Howard Flax on 4th Jan 2015

I've read that San Francisco is in the midst of its biggest building boom since the 1906 earthquake, and by some accounts since the Gold Rush. Either way, tremendous change is evident wherever you look. And change is ahead for Flax, too.

Last May it was revealed through the SF Planning Commission that the building where our store has been located for 37 years is slated for displacement by condos. With articles released on consecutive days by the SF Business Times and SF Chronicle, Flax became a poster child for redevelopment in San Francisco. 

nbc-bay-area.jpgSince then we've received more media attention from multiple sources, among them a fantastic television profile from Joe Rosato Jr. for NBC Bay Area, and a well written piece by Sierra Hartman for The Bold Italic (see links below).

So what does all this mean? Flax will be relocating, and will do so at the earliest by February 15, 2016. 

When the news broke, the outpouring of support from the community was amazing, even comforting. After 77 years of serving the Bay Area, it seems we've earned a special place in the hearts of local artists and creative types. We are buoyed by our customer's support, and are looking for a new home in San Francisco. 

I imagine our next location may initially look something like this picture of our store front in 1977:

Market St Store Front, 1977

But in time it will take on the iconic character we enjoy today: (photo by Jared Schwartz/Hoodline)

Market St. Store Front, 2014, photo by Jared Schwartz

And inside the store will be the same great people providing service and creative inspiration. 


Howard Flax

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For an in-depth article on the changing face of San Francisco, see  San Francisco 2020, by Barbara Tannenbaum for San Francisco Magazine.