Getting Creative with POSCA Paint Pens

Getting Creative with POSCA Paint Pens

Posted by Jane Andreasen on 12th Nov 2018

We've picked up the full range of Uni POSCA paint pens, and couldn't be more excited to share them with the local artist community. POCSA paint pens are water-based, blendable acrylic paint pens that come in a variety of point sizes and colors, and have a huge number of practical applications for all kinds of projects. From Ultra-Fine 0.7mm to 15mm Extra-Broad tips, to even Brush and 8mm Broad Chisel tips, POSCA has every size you could need. You can use them to mark on many surfaces, from the traditional paper, canvas, and wood to more unusual surfaces such as glass, ceramic, and stone! Click here to see the full color chart.

POSCA merkers

For traditional artists, POSCA paint pens are a useful tool to touch up acrylic paintings, add fine detail easily, or even replace brushes entirely! As evidenced by the diverse group of artists highlighted in the inspiring POSCA website, paint pens are tied to no specific style and can be used by everyone, regardless of vision. While acrylic artists will be able to incorporate POSCA paint pens with ease, the practical applications don't stop there. Watercolorists can use the finer POSCA paint pens to add opaque white highlights, outlines, and other details, and illustrators can take their pen & ink or marker work to the next level. Calligraphers and typographers can scale up their work with the broad chisel tips, or brush tip POSCAs, and play around with the metallic color offerings!

POSCA drawing

This painted doodle was done with: PC-5M (Medium) in Red, PC-8K (8mm Broad Chisel) in Fluo Yellow, and PC-17K (15mm Extra-Broad) in Light Blue. The green you see is the Fluo Yellow and Light Blue blended, I used an old, nearly empty Fluo Yellow 8mm chisel tip to keep cross-pen color contamination to a minimum. 

There are limitless possibilities for using POSCA paint pens for the DIY artist or craftsperson. Any project that would benefit from a fine brush with a controlled hand can be made that much easier with a paint pen. Scrapbooking, paper mache, 3D printing, sculpture, home decor, sign-making, school projects, posters... the list of applications for the convenience of paint pens goes on and on. 

If you have a younger artist in the family, POSCA paint pens are a great way to let kids play and experiment with paint with less potential mess and easier clean-up. The water-based acrylic formula allows you to wash hands and surfaces easily, and you'll find that it's a lot harder to spill a marker than a palette of tempera paint! POSCA paint pens are alcohol and solvent-free, and non-toxic. 

Speaking of ease of use, plein air artists and urban sketchers can bring POSCA on their artistic adventures for a high-impact paint feel without the miscellany necessary for traditional painting. Whether you're sketching on the train during your morning commute, drawing caricatures of your friends at the bar, or working on a plein air landscape, POSCA affords an accessibility that just isn't possible with traditional paints. All you need to do is unwrap the marker, shake, prime the tip by pumping it for a minute, and you're good to go! 

Giant POSCA display

Part of our decision to pick up the entire line of POSCA was based on customer requests! Big thanks to everyone who asked us about POSCA; we always appreciate customer feedback when thinking about products we'd like to carry. 

POSCA Try It Station

POSCA paint pens, available at  both FLAX stores, are a great way to make your artistic process easier, regardless of what you're working on. They are truly the everyman's paint pen! This doodle was done by one of our customers, pen shown is PC-5M (Medium) in Apple Green. Check out our "try it" station.

POSCA range