Dr. Ph. Martins Radiant Concentrated Watercolor Sets

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Dr. Ph. Martin's Radiant Concentrated Water Color is produced in an extremely concentrated form to achieve the greatest possible brilliance. The colors are primarily formulated for use in graphic arts work on paper surfaces intended for reproduction. (e.g. cartooning, illustration, and other graphic arts), and are especially popular for airbrushing. Like all aniline dye base colors, they are fugitive when exposed to direct sunlight over time. Colors come in .5 oz bottles with their own eyedroppers.

Set A colors includes: Lemon Yellow, Orange, Persimmon, Alpine Rose, Scarlet, Cherry red, Moss Rose, Turquoise Blue, True Blue, Violet, Grass Green, Juniper Green, Saddle Brown, Black.

Set C colors includes: Tapestry, Pumpkin, Burnt Orange, Hyacinth Blue, Norway Blue, Chartreuse, Jungle Green, Tobacco Brown, ice Pink, Tropic Gold, Tropic Pink, ice Yellow, Calypso Green, Antelope Brown.

Set D colors includes: Sunshine Yellow, Sunset Orange, Sunset red, Sunrise Pink, Tahiti red, Fuchsia, Raspberry, ice Green, ice Blue, Peacock Blue, Iris Blue, Indian Yellow, Tiger Yellow, Coffee Brown.