Animal Origami for the Enthusiast

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The centuries-old art of origami — Japanese paper folding — produces remarkable paper creations that exhibit extraordinary realism and delicate beauty. Enthusiasts of this wonderful craft will welcome this challenging new collection of paper sculptures designed by John Montroll, renowned origami expert. This book features fully illustrated step-by-step instructions and hundreds of diagrams explain how to fashion each of these intriguing sculptures. Beginning with symbols and basic folds, patterns progress from a simple angelfish to the complex and fascinating lobster. Animal Origami for the Enthusiast will inspire every dedicated origamian, while offering ample opportunity to hone papercrafting skills.

Twenty-five intricately detailed paperfolding projects feature strikingly lifelike animals from land, seas, and air: angelfish, seal, walrus, starfish, crane, swan, eagle, owl, snake, turtle, frog, frog with toes, bear, kangaroo, giraffe, fox, elephant, antelope, spider, crab, lobster, tyrannosaurus, brontosaurus, ornament and star.

Book measures 8 1/4" x 11", with 128 pages.