W&N Art Masking Fluid

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Winsor & Newton Art Masking Fluid is a removeable liquid mask for paper. A pale yellow color so it easy to see where it has been used, it acts as a resist (prevents the paint adhering to the paper) and dries to a removable, water-impervious film. Apply to dry paper or layer on top of dried color when applying a color wash, then simply remove the dried masking fluid with an eraser or by rubbing with your fingers to reveal the protected area underneath.

A few helpful tips: Use a quality surface-sized paper (like Arches or Fabriano); remove the film as soon as possible after application; use only when surface is dry, and remove only after masking fluid has dried; apply with old brushes or dip pens, then wash your tools with water immediately with after use.

75ml (2.54 oz.) bottle.