Golden’s Virtual Paint Mixer

by Flax on July 30, 2012

Golden Virtual Color MixerGOLDEN has developed a free tool to help artists with color mixing. With the Virtual Paint Mixer, you can avoid the trial and error of mixing and matching colors on the palette. Accelerate your color mixing skills and learn the right proportions and choice of colors before investing in the actual paint. The Virtual Paint Mixer is a unique, fun, online tool geared toward color exploration; discover new color possibilities and personalize your color choices, making your palette unique to you!

Upload photos to match colors and create palettes for new art projects. The program accounts for the physical characteristics within GOLDEN colors (Fluid, OPEN and Heavy Body Acrylic) so you can get closer to the colors you want faster than ever before, saving time, frustration and paint!

Virtual Paint Mixer

Match colors from uploaded images

Artists who try this intuitive tool experience success, delight and inspiration. Some early adopters share their thoughts:

  • “The photo application is like a treasure hunt of color.”
  • “I could play all day.”
  • “This gives me an opportunity to find and share MY color.”
  • “I can’t wait to expand my palette.”
  • “I can use this to teach color mixing with my students.”
  • “This will make me a better painter.”

So get started! You can print, e-mail and save your created color formulas. (To save colors you will need to register an account with Golden, who will not share your email address.)