Golden Fluid Acrylics, 4 oz

Golden Fluid Acrylics, 4 oz

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Golden’s highly intense, permanent Fluid Acrylic colors have an extremely workable consistency similar to heavy cream. They are produced from lightfast pigments that lead to and retain rich imagery and depth, not from dyes that can wane and lose their vivacity.

With high pigment levels comparable to Golden’s Heavy Body Acrylics, Fluid Acrylics are the ultimate in versatility. They can mimic the effects of watercolors, create fine details and color gradations, and can be mixed with all of Golden’s arylic mediums for further transformations.

Use these paints for brushing, staining and spraying. Mix with Airbrush Medium for easy use in an airbrush, use as-is for marbling projects or mix with GAC mediums for beautiful non-stiffening or cracking results on fabric.

Over 50 colors, including Historical Hues, available in 4 oz. bottles. Iridescent and Interference Fluid Acrylics also available in 4 oz. bottles. 

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm