GAC Acrylic Polymer Mediums

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GAC (short for Golden Artist Colors) Specialty Acrylic Polymers are based on 100% acrylic polymer emulsions. GACs are designed as mediums or modifiers of acrylic paints. They can be blended with Golden Acrylic Paints to extend the paint, regulate transparency, create glazes, increase gloss, reduce viscosity or improve adhesion and film integrity. The GAC polymers can also be used for binding pigment solids for various effects and surfaces.

GAC 100: A liquid acrylic polymer emulsion useful for diluting and extending colors as well as increasing flexibility and film integrity. It wets out solids more readily than other polymers and can be used to create homemade paints.

GAC 200: This liquid acrylic polymer is the hardest and least flexible. It is useful for increasing film hardness and reducing tack. It increases adhesion to non-porous surfaces, however, surfaces like glass and glazed tile will not allow for a permanent bond.

GAC 400: A liquid acrylic polymer that when applied over a fabric support, such as cotton, linen, or silk, will serve to dramatically stiffen the support. This medium dries to a hard, stiff film. It allows the artist to transform a lightweight fabric into a free-standing form that will hold its shape.

GAC 500: A liquid acrylic polymer emulsion with a leveling ability that forms a hard, glossy film. This medium is useful for increasing film hardness and reducing tack while maintaining flexibility. It is the hardest polymer that can be applied to flexible supports.

GAC 800: A liquid acrylic polymer emulsion that does not craze in pours/puddles and dries with the same uniform surface and dimensional integrity as when wet. Other GACs will craze if poured, developing shrinkage crevices running across the surface. This medium dries with a gloss finish and flexibility, but on

GAC Acrylic Polymer Mediums