W&N Designers' Gouache, 37ml

W&N Designers' Gouache, 37ml

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A favorite among designers and fine artists since 1935, Winsor & Newton’s Designers’ Gouache has been consistently formulated with a strong commitment to pigment strength and purity of color. As an opaque watercolor, gouache is traditionally used by designers, illustrators and commercial artists to create vibrant illustrations in solid color.

Designers’ Gouache is a combination of quality pigment and gum arabic, The colors are opaque due to the exceptionally high levels of pigmentation in the formula, which results in unsurpassed covering power and clean color mixing. It dries to a smooth matte finish, which reduces reflection when photographing work. Due to the qualities of the gum arabic binder, gouache colors are quick drying. This allows for quick working techniques and sketching.

37 tubes. Additional colors are available in 14 ml tubes.