Holbein Acryla Gouache 20ml

Holbein Acryla Gouache 20ml

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Featuring the best qualities of acrylic and the best of gouache, Acryla Gouache is an ideal medium for the artist. Available in a wide range of highly pigmented colors, including primary and metallic finishes, Acryla Gouache colors are bound by a pure water-soluble acrylic resin and dry to a smooth matte finish. The paint moves, reacts, blends and feels like traditional gouache, but is water-resistant once fully dry.

It is rated for light-fastness, adapted to the Munsell color standard for hue, value and chroma and is made from the purest pigments available. Acryla Gouache works well as a ground, may be painted over in layers and is suitable for use with any other water-based media. It will not shift in color tone from liquid to dried color.

Acryla Gouache has a much more durable surface than traditional gouache in gum arabic. It can be painted on all kinds of materials such as paper, acetate, canvas, stone, cloth, wood, leather, and more. Whereas acrylic has a tendency to have a glossy or satin finish, Acryla Gouache’s dries opaque and matte, and quickly like acrylic.

Holbein is a family owned Japanese company formed just before the turn of the last century. Employing 12 color chemists, Holbein’s artists’ grade colors are known to have extreme standards of quality control to meet the special requirements of the serious artist.

Colors available in 20ml tubes

White and Black colors also available in 40 ml tubes

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm