Pigma Sensei Manga Drawing Set

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Sakura Pigma Sensei Pen Sets
Set of 6

Learn the art of Manga with the Pigma Sensei Manga Drawing Kit! This set includes all of the tools needed to illustrate in Manga style. The .7mm cushioned-point, fixed-sleeve mechanical pencil with eraser can be used to work out early-stage ideas in rough concepts and sketches. The four pens in the set offer versatile nibs to lay down the rich, black Pigma Ink: 03 fine, 06 bullet, 10 bold, 04 plastic. The finer tips are good for facial expressions, lettering or detailing images, while the broader tips can create bold lines to cover large areas and add impact and drama. The set also includes an illustration guide full of tips and techniques to help any artist begin creating Manga illustrations in no time.