MTN Water Based Spray Paint Workshop Pack/16

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MTN Water Based Spray Paint Workshop Pack/16

MTN Water Based spray paint is the first low-order spray paint, an artist's paint ideal for indoor use or any exterior application. Specially formulated with water-soluble resins, apply Water Based directly on canvas and mix and manipulate with a brush just like acrylic paint out of a tube. Well suited for all types of decorative arts and crafts surfaces, spray Water Based directly on polystyrene, wood, metal, crystal, cement, and more. When dry it is permanent with excellent hardness, weather resistance and lightfastness.

Water Based paint is revolutionary on two fronts: it is environmentally friendly with a zero-toxicity formula that contains virtually no solvents or harsh chemicals, and the low pressure matte colors match traditional artist brush paint color palettes. Each color’s opacity is noted on the can, along with Pantone, RGB and CMYK cross referenced.

16 pack of cans includes all available 100ml colors.

Cans available individually in 100ml and 300ml sizes.