MTN Water Based Spray Paint 300ml

MTN Water Based Spray Paint 300ml

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MTN Water Based 300ml Spray Paint is the first spray paint that can truly be used outdoors and indoors. It is specially formulated with water-soluble, low-odor resins from high quality pigments. Each color’s opacity is noted on the can, along with Pantone, RGB and CMYK cross referenced.

Regardless of its water base, the paint covers the needs of speed and drying times of even the most demanding artist. It is well suited for all types of decorative arts and crafts surfaces, including use directly on polystyrene, wood, metal, crystal, cement, and more.

MTN’s Water Based is an Alkyd Polyurethane Emulsion. It performs like an acrylic, yet with more hardness and resistance to solvents. It is waterproof once dry after 20-25 minutes, and until then can be removed with just soap and water. Each can comes with an anti-clog valve and other cap types are available for different line widths.

Available 300ml colors:

Solid colors - These colors are matte, durable and feature great resistance and opacity for all types of applications.

Fluorescent colors – These colors are bright and react to exposure to “black light."

Metallic colors – These are composed of metallic pigments and resin, making for great coverage and intense shine without staining at a touch.

Semitransparents – These colors are of low opacity and well suited for creating volume, glazing and effects.

Solid colors also available in 100ml



This product is ORM-D regulated.