MTN Water Based Spray Paint 300ml

MTN Water Based Spray Paint 300ml

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MTN Colors Water Based spray paint is the most versatile aerosol paint available. Use as a regular spray paint, OR apply with a brush as traditional acrylic tube paints are typically used. Spray the contents of non-toxic Water Based directly onto a canvas, into a cup or container, and the artist is free to manipulate the paint and combine and mix with other colors (or even other acrylic paints) to achieve an endless range of tones. It has a working time of about 10 minutes, is dry to the touch in 20-30 minutes, and dries with a permanent, durable finish with great durability to outdoor and indoor exposure, due to the high lightfastness of the quality pigments.

Apply Water Based to countless surfaces including concrete, metal, glass, wood, canvas, and plastic. It can even be applied to solvent-sensitive surfaces like Styrofoam. without the need for a primer base.

Water Based is environmentally friendly, with a zero-toxicity formula that contains virtually no solvents or harsh chemicals. The odorless paint is perfect for indoor projects or commissioned jobs where aerosol is the preferred medium. It is also ideal for workshops with children and other classroom and art activities.

Each color’s opacity is noted on the can, along with Pantone, RGB and CMYK cross referenced.

The cans come with an anti-clog stock spray tip, the MTN Colors much coveted Pocket Cap, that is perfect for achieving medium-sized lines with very little overspray. If wider or skinnier lines are desired, additional caps are available.

Available in 87 matte colors, plus Fluorescents, Metallics, and Semitransparent colors for creating volume, glazing and effects.

A limited range of colors also available in 100ml


This product is ORM-D regulated.