MTN Hardcore Spray Paint

MTN Hardcore Spray Paint

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MTN Hardcore was introduced in 1994 as the first spray paint in the world to be designed specifically for graffiti art. It has become the essential classic thanks to its high pressure, excellent coverage and its pallet of brilliant colors.

Hardcore's unrivaled synthetic paint formula and high pressure valve combine for a smooth touch and more precise control. The wide spectrum of intense colors dries to a glossy finish instantly and without sagging. One can ensures strong, long-lasting coverage and performance that is unaffected even in extreme conditions. Due to its fast-drying, good hardening, and durable characteristics, Hardcore has uses in both industrial and artistic settings, wherever the properties of high-quality paint are required.

The cans come with an anti-clog stock spray tip, the MTN Colors much coveted Pocket Cap, that is perfect for achieving medium-sized lines with very little overspray. If wider or skinnier lines are desired, additional caps are available.

Over 100 gloss colors in 400ml cans. Black and White also available in Satin and Matte finishes.