Liquitex Heavy Body Iridescent Acrylics, 2oz

Liquitex Heavy Body Iridescent Acrylics, 2 oz

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Liquitex Iridescent Acrylic paints are also known as metallic paints that mimic the effect of bronzing powders. Unlike bronzing powders, which cannot be used with acrylic emulsions, these paints will not tarnish. Iridescent paints are made from titanium coated mica flakes with an outer layer of a transparent light absorbing colorant, rather than traditional pigments.

Iridescent acrylics can be used alone or mixed with other Liquitex Colors and Liquitex Mediums for a variety of striking iridescent, metallic effects. Mix with certain colors to create unique metallic colors, i.e. copper and green produces an antique copper. Iridescent White will give colors a beautiful pearlescent quality.

The combination of the metallic-like effects with the Heavy Body paint consistency allows these iridescent colors to achieve a bolder, thicker result when dry.

8 iridescent colors available in 2 oz. tubes. Non-iridescent colors available here.