Hahnemühle Agave Watercolor Block, 3" x 4"

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Hahnemühle‘s Agave Watercolor Blocks feature natural white paper with a cold pressed surface texture that accepts colors brilliantly. By using agave, a fast-growing and resource-saving raw material, this paper is the ideal painting surface for environmentally conscious artists who don't have to compromise on quality. Agave requires much less than water to grow than cotton, and zero chemicals.

3.1" x 4.1" block contains 12 sheets of 135lb paper with a content of 70% Agave fiber/30% Cotton rag. Agave Watercolor is acid-free, non-aging and vegan. The blocks are glued on all four sides, designed for painting on the top sheet as the blocks’ strong binding holds the paper rigid and flat. Once complete, just separate and detach the paper using a palette knife or a similar tool.