Sculptamold Modeling Compound

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Sculptamold incorporates the best features of clay, plaster and papier-mache. It models like clay and sets up hard like plaster in 30 minutes. In dry form, this white, non-toxic material is quickly and easily prepared by adding water and will cling to almost all clean surfaces, including glass. Like papier-mache, this cellulose compound is lightweight and does not shrink but, unlike papier-mache, it can be modeled and cast with ease. Since Sculptamold does not shrink, it can be applied to an armature or core without cracking. Sculptamold can be oven dried at 200 degrees and once dry can be sanded, sawed, carved and nailed without chipping. It is a great option for decorating projects as almost any type of paint or medium can be applied to its surface and finished objects are lightweight and extremely durable. Made in U.S.A.

3lb box.