Princeton 5400 Natural Bristle Brushes

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Princeton’s Refine 5400 Series is Princeton’s flagship line of interlocked bristle brushes. The Refine series features a striking range of sizes and shapes, making this line truly exciting for oil painters.

These brushes are crafted with premium quality Chungking bristles. The natural taper and curve of the bristle is expertly arranged within the hair tuft to form crisp edges and resilient points. Interlocked bristle brushes hold their form in heavy use, able to retain large amounts of paint. The copper plate ferrules are attached to beautiful long, hardwood handles, making these brushes a must-have for any oil painter.

Available in Angle Bright, Bright, Egbert, Fan, Filbert, Flat, Round, and Short Filbert, as shown in image left to right.

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