Noir Charcoal Drawing Set

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The Noir Charcoal Drawing Set holds a wide range of black charcoals of different properties, making this a perfect introductory set. This 11-piece ultra black set includes:

  • Two Charcoal Pencil, hard and soft - Made with compressed charcoal for rich, dark effects and precise, consistent strokes.
  • Two Nero Oil Charcoal Pencils, medium and extra-soft - Nero is glossy black, waterproof and non-smudge.
  • Sketching Coal - Square stick of soft charcoal for sweeping, dark black strokes or covering large areas. Softer and slightly waxier than compressed sticks.
  • Black Chalk Pastel Pencil
  • Two Compressed Charcoal Sticks, hard and soft
  • Two sticks of Natural Vine Charcoal
  • Blending Stump

Made in Austria by Cretacolor.