Mona Lisa Simple Leaf Metallic Sheets

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Simple Leaf is a transfer-style metal leaf that is easier to handle and apply than traditional leaf, yet delivers the same lustrous results. Add brilliant shine to furniture, ceramic, glass, plaster and other hard surfaces.

Each sheet comes bonded with a wax transfer paper backing and when the metal leaf side is applied to an area with adhesive, the leaf will adhere to that area only. When peeled away, excess leaf will stay on the wax transfer paper so there is virtually no waste.

Each sheet measures 5.5" x 5.5". 18-sheet packs available Gold, Silver and Copper.

* Note the Gold is Composition Gold Leaf. As brilliant as 23k gold, yet more affordable and composed of 85% copper/15% zinc. Similarly, the Silver is made from a combination of aluminum alloys. The Copper is 100% genuine copper.