Mona Lisa Metal Leafing Sheets

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Mona Lisa Metal Leafing Sheets are micro-thin metal leaf sheets separated by tissue paper, designed to decorate items with an elegant metallic sheen. Delicate though highly versatile, Mona Lisa metal leaf can be applied onto plastic, wood, glass, paper, metal and ceramics.

25 sheet packs measuring 5.5" x 5.5", available in Gold, Silver and Copper.

The technique of metal leafing begins with preparing the surface. If the surface is porous, a sealer or basecoat can be applied. When applying adhesive or size, it is important to maintain a smooth application with no brush strokes and to allow the adhesive to dry until tacky before applying the metal leaf. Metallic leaf only adheres to surface that has adhesive. Excess leaf which has not adhered can be removed with a soft brush. After applying leaf and burnishing, a sealer can be applied to prevent oxidation and tarnishing and to protect from wear over time.

* Note the Gold is Composition Gold Leaf. As brilliant as 23k gold, yet more affordable and composed of 85% copper/15% zinc. Similarly, the Silver is made from a combination of aluminum alloys. The Copper is 86% copper/14% zinc.