Liquitex Freestyle Large Scale Brushes

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Freestyle Large Scale Brushes meet the needs of acrylic artists working in larger scales and those looking to apply special effects. The top of the line synthetic nylon bristle heads offer excellent durability. The large, matte black wood handles provide non-slip handling and comfort, and the ferrules are made from rust free stainless steel. 

As shown left to right, brush types are Angle (1"); Universal Flat (1"); Broad Flat, Long handle (3"); Broad Flat, Short handle (4"); Paddle (1"); and Splatter Round and Flat.

Angle: An all-purpose brush ideal for surfaces with corners and edges. It can also be useful for large surface covering, gesso application, and painting edges.

Universal Flat: An all-purpose brush that’s ideal for priming canvas, large mural projects, or laying in background colors.

Broad Flat, Long Handle: With the long handle this brush is easy to grip for quick gestural strokes on large-scale work or reaching high places. This brush is also useful for varnishing.

Broad Flat, Short Handle: Ideal for covering wide areas but better in close range situations.

Paddle: This shorter length brush allows for easy movement of thick color and mediums. Useful for broad marks and edges, it can also be used for smudging and scumbling.

Splatter: This brush is great for unique splatter effects. Ideal for softer and wet media, it can be dragged through mediums for unique effects.

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