Lino Cutter & Stamp Carving Kit

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The Lino Cutter & Stamp Kit contains Essdee's unique multi-purpose Baren tool, for use in lino cutting, block making and printing. With this one tool you can cut and carve, stamp and store. It includes a lino cutter handle with five cutters, a baren for stamping and burnishing, and a storage unit for the cutter blades within the handle.

The included high-quality cutters yield fine cut lines and low cutting effort. The MasterCut discs have one adhesive side so that they can be held steady on a flat surface for cutting, and then placed onto the face of the baren for stamping. After use they can be wiped clean, removed from the baren, and protected for storage with the included protective silicone cover.

Kit Includes: 5 Lino Cutters, Lino Handle and 2 MasterCut Stamps with a 45mm (1.77") diameter. Additional MasterCut stamps available here.