Essdee Lino Cutting & Printing Kit

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The comprehensive Essdee Lino Cutting & Printing Kit includes a wide selection of tools and materials for creating your own unique prints, stamps, designs and cards. A great kit for experimenting with printmaking techniques and to compare traditional linoleum blocks with softer materials while using a varied assortment of lino cutters. Educational and fun, it is suitable for both beginners and experienced users.

Kit includes: multi-purpose Baren tool, 6 lino cutters, 2 linoleum blocks 5"x7", 2 SoftCut blocks 4"x6", practice block, 4" wide brayer, ink tray, safety hand guard, 1 tube of block printing ink, 2 MasterCut printing stamps, and an instruction booklet.

Additional MasterCut stamps available here.