Jacquard Screen Printing Kits

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Jacquard Screen Printing Kits allow beginning and experienced artists to make their own art prints, cards, wearable art, and more. These kits come with all the necessary materials for printing on fabrics, paper, vinyl, and more; perfect for small production runs.

The durable inks hold up to washing and dry cleaning on natural and synthetic fabrics. When wet they are water-soluble for easy clean up.

Each kit contains one 14" x 10" pre-stretched silkscreen with a lacquered wood frame, one 9" wood-handled squeegee, 4 oz. of photo emulsion, 1/3 grams of diazo sensitizer, four 4 oz. jars of Jacquard Professional Quality Screen Inks, 3 acetate sheets, 1 stir stick, and 1 instruction booklet. The Semi-Transparent Kit works well for light backgrounds while the Opaque Kit works well for darker backgrounds.

The Semi-Transparent Color Kit includes: 4 jars of Semi-Transparent Ink in Red, Blue, Yellow, and Black

The Opaque Color Kit includes: 4 jars of Opaque Ink in Red, Blue, Yellow, and Black