Jacquard Marbling Kit

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The art of marbling paper has been historically associated with the craft of bookbinding. The Jacquard Marbling Kit allows the technique of marbling to become easier and more accessible than ever before. This kit is designed for professionals, yet easy enough to use for beginners.

The technique of marbling involves creating multi-colored patterns of paint that float on the surface of a gel-like medium. Paper or fabric is then laid on the surface to pick up the floating paint and transfer the design. It is great for making patterned fabric or gift wrapping paper.

The kit includes six 1 /2 fl. oz. bottles of marbling colors (in Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, Green, and White), 5 oz. of Alum sizing, 2 oz. of Methocel marbling medium, and complete instructions. Recommended for ages 12 and up.