Jacquard Photo Emulsion

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Photo Emulsion (used with the included Diazo Sensitizer) is a light-sensitive emulsion used to create stencils on silk screen frames for imaging. It is the staple emulsion for making screens with photos, lettering, logos or detailed images. Jacquard’s Photo Emulsion is super durable, allowing for superior detail, and is easily removed from the screen using diluted bleach so the screen can be used another time.

The process involves applying the Photo Emulsion / Diazo Sensitizer combination to a silk screen. As the emulsion is light sensitive, let it dry in the dark, then place your image (printed onto clear film) onto the screen and expose it to light. After the exposure, the ink will travel through the screen's mesh only through the area of your image. To get a better sense, see the video below.

Available in 8 oz and 16 oz jars