Golden Molding Pastes

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Molding Paste is applied and manipulated with tools like palette knives to create dimension and raised, smooth surfaces. It is a thick gel mixed with a finely ground marble dust that imparts a hardness and weight to the dry surface. This non-porous, thick film allows the artist to then lay down paint that will sit on top of the surface. This effect offers a unique look quite different from paint on a more absorbent surface like watercolor paper.

These Molding Pastes dry to an opaque white and, although flexible, they are more rigid than Golden gels can hold stiff peaks. A tint can be created by simply blending color in with the wet paste.

Hard Molding Paste provides the hardest opaque, matte finish. Like all Molding Pastes, it blends well with color and is useful for creating tough, durable finishes. The dried film can even be carved.

Light Molding Paste offers significant weight reduction when building thick layers. The marble dust is replaced with microscopic air bubbles that give the paste a fluffy consistency similar to cake frosting or chipped cream. The porosity of the Light Molding Paste makes for a longer working time and the chance to blot away a mistake with a paper towel.

Coarse Molding Paste appears similar to Light Molding Paste but is harder, warmer in color and more translucent. With its significant tooth, this paste makes a great surface for color washes with Acrylic colors diluted with water or as a ground for drawing media.

Regular, Hard and Light Molding Pastes available in 8 oz, 16 oz, and 32 oz.
Coarse available in 8 oz:

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