Golden Molding Pastes

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Molding Paste can be used to achieve a variety of effects and expressions. Unlike gels, pastes are opaque because they contain Marble Dust or other fillers that create a white or clay-tone finish with a variety of textures and properties. Molding Paste can also be used to create foundations for painting either to create texture over a smoother surface, or to smooth out a textured surface. Its absorbent qualities make it suitable as a ground for nearly every painting and drawing media.

Molding Paste - Excellent for building surfaces and creating textures. Dries to a hard, yet flexible, opaque film. Blends with colors to tint and extend paint.

Light Molding Paste - Over 50% lighter than Molding Paste. This dramatic weight reduction is beneficial in creating large artworks and thick layers of material. It dries to an opaque, matte finish with good flexibility. It is designed to hold stiff peaks for highly textured surfaces and it blends easily with colors.

Hard Molding Paste - Drying to an extremely hard, opaque film, it is useful for creating tough, durable finishes for smooth or textured surfaces. Once dry, it can be carved with hand or power tools. Blends easily with acrylic colors.

Coarse Molding Paste - A thick, warm white colored medium, translucent up to about 1/8 inch thickness. It dries to a hard, stiff but flexible film with a tooth like fine sandpaper. Accepts wet and dry media very well. Mix with acrylics to create dense paint that holds good peaks and dries matte to satin with a finely pebbled surface.

Regular, Light and Hard Molding Pastes available in 8 oz, 16 oz, and 32 oz.
Coarse available in 8 oz: