Golden Interference Fluid Acrylics, 4 oz

Golden Interference Fluid Acrylics, 4 oz

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Interference Fluid Acrylics offer uniquely intense and striking colors all with a creamy and easily workable consistency. Like Golden’s other acrylics, these hold high levels of lightfast pigments that are suspended in acrylic polymer with no fillers or extenders.

Interference colors form distinctive “interference flips" when viewed from different perspectives. They flip between a bright opalescent color and its opalescent complement when applied over white surfaces. Over darker surfaces, the bright opalescent color is very noticeable. Combine them with small amounts of color to achieve unique color ranges, gels to create impasto effects or thinning mediums for glazing applications.

6 interference colors available in 4 oz. bottles. Standard and Iridescent Fluid Acrylics also available in 4 oz. bottles.