Conte Sketch Pencil Sets

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Conte Sketch Pencil Sets

Conte Sketch Pencils feature beautiful, rich and lightfast colors that resist fading and are great for toning and stumping. They are rounded and wood-cased soft pencils excellent for portraits, still-life and landscapes. The pencils come pre-sharpened and can be further sharpened with a razor blade or knife.

Two 6-pencil sets available: Drawing Sketch Set and Assorted Earthtone Sketch Set

The Drawing Sketch Set includes: Pierre Noire 2B, Graphite 2B, Graphite HB, Carbon Sketch 2B, Charcoal 2B, and White

The Earthtone Sketch Set includes: Sanguine XVII, Sanguine Medicis, White, Pierre Noire 2B, Graphite 2B, and Charcoal 2B