Conté à Paris Sketching Pencil Sets

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm
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Conté à Paris Sketching Pencils feature beautiful, rich and lightfast colors that resist fading and are great for toning and stumping. They are rounded and wood-cased soft pencils excellent for portraits, still-life and landscapes. The pencils come pre-sharpened and can be further sharpened with a razor blade or knife.

6-pencil Graphic Sketch Set includes Carbon Sketch 2B, Charcoal 2B, Graphite HB, Graphite 2B, Pierre Noire 2B,  and White.

6-pencil Classic Sketch Set includes Charcoal 2B, Graphite 2B, Pierre Noire 2B, Sanguine XVII, Sanguine Medicis, and White,

Pencil properties:

Carbon Pencil - derived from traditional charcoal, but much stronger, this lead does not crumble or leave your hands dirty. Its delicate and highly detailed finish enables all types of perspectives to be drawn accurately

Charcoal Pencil - this gives the clean, dense finish of an intense black. Its special characteristic is that it does not break, making it easy to transport.

Graphite Pencil - particularly smooth, this pencil will not scratch your support but slides over it

Sanguine Pencil - The color of the Conté à Paris "Sanguine" pencil is a deep "rust" and its lines are easily blended.

White Pencil - best used with a sharp lead, this pencil gives a clear line with a transparent color.