Conte Crayon Sets

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm
Conte Crayon Sets

The finely ground pastels in these Conte sets provide artists with uniquely soft and smooth drawing materials. Since 1795, Conte has been providing the world’s finest artists, like Picasso, Delacroix and Degas, with high quality charcoals and crayons. Their rich, vivid colors mix well together and can be applied to a variety of surfaces from fine toothed to heavily grained.

Depending on how the crayons sticks are held and the applied pressure, light shadow effects as well as hard, dark lines can be created. Waxier and firmer than soft pastels, Conte Crayons offer more control with littler mess. These versatile pastels can be sharpened to a chisel tip or dragged flat on their sides for numerous techniques.

Each set contains 12 Conte Crayons measuring 2 ½" long x ¼" square.

Classic Sketch Set includes one of each: Bistre Carre, Carre Sanguine Medicis, Carre Sanguine Watteau, Carre Sanguine XVIII Century, Carre Sanguine, Carre White B, Carre Gray, Carre Black HB. Also included are two Carre Black B and two Carre Black 2B.

Assorted Colors Set includes one of each: 001 Bistre, 002 Dark Green, 065 Bright Red, 004 Yellow Medium, 009 Black, 011 Pink, 012 Orange, 013 White, 017 Yellow Ochre, 069 Cobalt Blue, 044 Saint Michel Green, 046 Dark Ultramarine.