Artist' Oils Introductory Set

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Artist' Oils Introductory Set

With more than 170 years of history, Winsor & Newton continues to supply artists with high quality Artists' Oil Colors made from the finest pigments and raw materials. These artist quality oil colors contain high pigment contents that provide an exceptional degree of tinting strength and mix-ability. All colors are wax-free as well, allowing the paints to retain their brilliant appearance and smooth consistency.

The paints ensure a pure, clean and bright color with superior handling qualities. Each color is individually formulated to ensure each pigment's natural characteristics and stability of color.

This 10-color introductory set is great for the price-wise artist who wants to sample a range of Artists' Oil Colors before trying out the larger, wide-ranging line. The colors in this set are highly mixable and will create a striking, versatile palette.

10 21ml (0.7 oz.) tubes of colors: Alizarin Crimson, Burnt Umber, Indian Red, Indigo, Ivory Black, Titanium White, Winsor Blue (Red Shade), Winsor Green, Winsor Yellow, Yellow Ochre