W&N Artists' Oil Brushes

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Winsor & Newton Artists’ Oil Brushes are the highest quality hog brushes in the Winsor & Newton line. These brushes are made from the finest materials with the highest level of craftsmanship.

The bristles are extremely resilient and the brush retains its working edge and shape for far longer than other brush heads. The bristles are flagged, meaning split at the ends, to give the brush the ability to carry more color and to apply it evenly to the surface.

The contoured satin, matte long handle provides balance when painting close up by the ferrule and back by the tail. The matte finish can also help minimize glare.

Artists’ Oil Brushes are available in a variety of brush heads and handles:

  Bright: The short, flat head can create sharp edges with greater control thanks to the shorter bristle length.

  Filbert: This flat, oval shaped head can create a broad mark with soft edges. The short, thick shape offers extra control.

  Flat: This long, flat head brush is perfect for blending, glazing, or covering large areas. The longer bristle length is great for better color carrying capacity.

  Round: This brush can create fine detail, lines, and glazes. The traditional round shaped head is ideal for accuracy and detail.

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