Fine Pens

The art of writing begins with a thought, but requires both pen and paper to complete the exercise. At FLAX, we offer the widest range of quality writing instruments in San Francisco. Whether you are in search of a simple ballpoint, or attempting to find a fountain pen with the perfect fit for both your hand and writing style, there is something in our selection for any budget. Our knowledgeable staff loves to share their passion for pens and ensure you find the perfect pen for your tastes. (see our brands)

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The Fountain Pen Makes a Comeback

NoodlersFountain pens can be a person’s best friend when trying to improve handwriting or for sketching on the road. Although prices vary and collector edition pens go for hundreds and even thousands of dollars, a nice pen with an array of uses can be yours for less than $20.00.

The popular Noodlers Ink company has recently brought to the market a wide selection of vintage inspired fountain pens. The most notable is their Flex nib pen. Designed without a vent hole, the nibs’ tines are split down to the collar to allow maximum flexibility with a consistent ink flow.

With a nib as flexible as a crow quill, the pen gives numerous combinations of line variations. Uses of the pen range from writing in copperplate script to sketching, all without the worry of having to re-dip your pen in ink while laying down a line.

Noodlers Ink is mostly known for their fountain pen safe water-resistant inks, our bestselling line with over 20 lush colors.