Octopus Fluid Inks, Neon Highlighters

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Octopus Fluids has developed an extraordinary range of high-quality drawing inks. Their passion for beautiful fountain pen ink is obvious when you use Octopus with fountain pens, glass nibs and calligraphy nibs. With every lab-scale batch and writing test, they are committed to pleasant shades, balanced formulas that avoid bleeding on most papers, quick drying time and smooth gliding.

Octopus Fluids Highlighter Inks are pigment-based, lightfast and permanent. They can be used as text markers and highlighters, and all colors are fluorescent and glow under blacklight. They flow beautifully through a fountain pen. Made in Germany exclusively from vegan ingredients, and they meet all the requirements of a document-safe ink.

Available in six bright and vibrant colors: Yellow, Red, Pink, Violet, Orange  and Green. 30ml (1 ounce) bottles.