Xiem Art Bag

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The Xiem Art Bag is designed for artists who need an easy-access and efficient solution for tool storage.

Built around a robust metal frame, the thick canvas bag features 2 large compartments, 16 holsters, and 17 pockets of various sizes. Ideal for brushes and paint tubes and all the other secret weapons you stash in your bag of creative tools. Secure straps on each side keep larger tools from falling out, plus the canvas-reinforced plastic bottom won't let anything sharp poke through. Add a tough wooden handle and a load limit of 25 lbs, and you are ready for anything.


    • 17 Different Pockets
    • 16 Tool Holsters
    • 2 Large Compartments
    • 2 Burly Secure Straps
    • Robust Steel Wire Frame
    • Reinforced Bottom Thick Canvas Material
    • Wooden Handle
    • 25 lbs Maximum Capacity

Size: 16”l x 9”w  x 12"h when open, and collapses down for storage.