Woody Pencil Set

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Woody Pencils are 3 in 1—they function as a colored pencil, watercolor and a wax crayon. They exhibits high luminosity and color intensity even on dark papers. Perfect for numerous techniques and endless imagination, the extra-thick, 10mm lead provides soft rich strokes. Outstanding watercolor properties make the Woody ideal for painting with, too. Applies easily Also works on glass, then wipes right off. The chunky pencils are sized for artists of all ages. Each measures 4-3/8" x 5/8".

18 color set includes a sharpener and brush. Colors: red, apricot, orange, lilac, yellow, dark green, ultramarine, brown, black, white, gold, silver, pastel blue, pastel green, pastel lilac, pastel pink, pastel red and pastel yellow.