W&N Galeria Acrylic Brushes

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Winsor & Newton Galeria Brushes have been specifically designed for use with acrylic color. Acrylic color tends to place heavy demands on any brush, which is why Winsor and Newton created Galeria brushes to be strong and resilient, while still offering flexibility.

A unique mix of synthetic fibers allows these brushes to provide excellent control for thicker application of color, while also maintaining great shape retention regardless of the water volume used. These brushes are stiff enough to push thick color, applying the color like a spade for specific effects.

Galeria brushes are available in short and long handle variants. Short handles feature a softer head, ideal for using when a thinner consistency is required for glazing or a watercolor style of painting. Long handled brushes contain stiffer fibers, allowing thicker application on rougher surfaces.

Galeria brushes are available in a variety of brush heads and handles:

Round - Long Handle: These long handled, round brushes are designed for artists using acrylics as a thick medium and who require a controllable and resilient brush. This brush can create fine detail, lines, and washes - it’s also suitable for use with Oil and Alkyd colors.

Bright - Long Handle: This brush features a short, flat head - specially shaped to prevent splaying hairs and a controlled width of mark. The long handle is great for use with heavy color.

Filbert - Long Handle: This flat, oval tip brush can create a broad mark with a soft edge. Designed to use with thick acrylic color, this brush head provides the versatility of both a round and flat brush.

One Stroke/Wash - Short Handle: This flat wash brush is specially designed for artists using acrylics in a diluted consistency. The soft head is still capable of creating edges and can apply washes.

Round - Short Handle: Great for creating fine detail and washes. The soft head is designed for artists who use acrylics in a thinner consistency.


W&N Galeria Acrylic Brushes