Van Aken Claytoon Sets

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These fun Claytoon Sets contain high quality, non-hardening and non-toxic modeling clay in a variety of bold and colorful groupings. The clay can be easily mixed to create exciting new colors. Use Claytoon clay for freehand modeling, claymation and other projects where a limitless working time and precision is needed.

Each set includes four different 4 oz. color blocks individually wrapped to maintain freshness. Also included is an instruction sheet and a project idea on the outer wrapping.

Sweetheart Set: Mint, Pastel Pink, Pastel Yellow, and Pastel Blue

Mutant Set: Blue, Bright Orange, Bright Green, and Yellow

Hot Set: Magenta, Rose, Bright Orange, and Yellow

Earth Set: Beige, Brown, Terra Cotta, and Dark Green

Cool Set: Green, Turquoise, Blue, and Violet

Circus Set: Rose, White, Yellow, and Blue