Tombow Dual Brush Pen Sets

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Tombow Dual Brush Pen Sets

Tombow Dual Brush Pen Sets contain 10 brush pens that are ideal for fine art, illustration, hand lettering, and more. Each pen features a brush tip that works like a paintbrush to create fine, medium, or bold strokes. The brush tip has a nylon base that retains its point stroke after stroke. The other end features a fine tip that gives consistent lines for sharp details.

Every pen holds blend-able, acid-free, odorless, and resilient water-based ink.

The following 10-color sets are available:

Primary Colors: Includes Process Yellow, Scarlet Red, Crimson, Pink Rose, Imperial Purple, Cyan Blue, Sap Green, Brown, Black, and a Colorless Blender.

Secondary Colors: Includes Orange, Chrome Orange, Chinese Red, Dark Plum, Reflex Blue, Dark Jade, Dark Olive, Sand Brown, Saddle Brown, and a Colorless Blender.

Landscape Colors: Includes Light Sand, Burnt Sienna, Redwood, Grey Green, True Blue, Hunter Green, Lamp Black, Navy Blue, Warm Gray 5, and a Colorless Blender.

Portrait Colors: Includes Baby Pink, Blush, Flesh, Peach, Pale Cherry Red, Chocolate, Tan, Saddle Brown, Black, and a Colorless Blender.

Grayscale Colors: Includes Cool Gray 1, Cool Gray3, Cool Gray 5, Cool Gray 6, Cool Gray 7, Cool Gray 10, Black, Lamp Black, Warm Gray 1, and a Colorless Blender.