Tissue Paper Pack, Assorted Colors

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Spectra Deluxe Art Tissue is a fine-quality tissue for gift wrapping, but more so it is a unique material for arts and crafts projects. The rich, vibrant colors bleed when moistened to create exciting artistic effects. Wet with a brush and wash beautiful, translucent color on to the paper. Overlap two colors and watch them blend. Or, add glue to the water to hold specific shapes in place and create magnificent, multi-layered effects with a beautiful watercolor look. The tissue can withstand cutting, wrinkling and folding without tearing.

20 color assortment of 20" x 30" sheets includes: Azure, White, Black, Seal Brown, Emerald Green, Apple Green, Spring Green, Canary Yellow, Sky Blue, Orange, Goldenrod, Baby Pink, National Red, Scarlet, Blush Pink, Cerise, Purple, National Blue, Medium Blue and French Blue. Folded package size is 6" x 12".